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GCTL promo video – the short version.

Created by the GCTL Team as part of the Positive Action with every Transaction campain delivered by QSEC.

GCTL promo video – full version.

Many thanks to Digital Storytellers for the training course allowing the GCTL Team to create our own digital story.

Planet Ark

What does practical circular economy action look like? In the lead up to the launch of Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub), we are sharing inspiring stories from the individuals, businesses and community groups that are implementing circular economy principles in Australia.

Lucy Jones / 16th October 2020

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Planet Ark Gold Coast Tool Library article

ABC Life

How the sharing economy can help you reduce waste, save money and make new friends.

Patrick Wright / 29th May 2020

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David Paynter founder Gold Coast Tool Library

Blank GC

Loan. Use. Return. Repeat. That’s the motto for the city’s newest sustainability-focussed startup, and never has there been a more poignant time to get it off the ground.

Samantha Morris & Amaya Coburn / 3rd April 2020

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woodwork tools on workshop wall

We are Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Tool Library is powering up to lend locals useful items, embracing the sharing and circular economies. 

Helen Stubbs / February 2020

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GC Tool Library Committee 2020

ABC Radio Gold Coast

Matt Webber of ABC Radio Gold Coast talks with David Paynter about establishing the GCTL and Repair Cafe events.

Matt Webber / October 2019

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