Donate items to the library

We gratefully accept donations of tools and useful household items that you, or your friends and family no longer need. Most of our inventory is donated by our generous community who no longer require them, or are downsizing and clearing space. The great thing about donating items to the GCTL is that you don’t lose access to them, as you can always borrow them back with a library membership. We love our donors as they help us build this great community resource and for that we are truly appreciative.

We can’t take every tool, but if you would like to make a donation of tools or gear please contact us and include some details (and ideally photos) of the tools you’d like to donate and we will get back to you promptly. Alternatively you can message us through our Facebook page.

Donate Items To The Library
Lettering made out of tools spelling Donate

What type of items are we looking for?

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list it does detail the types of items that make for a great library inventory. You may have something else in mind that you would like to donate so please reach out and make a suggestion as we are always happy to consider something new.

Hand tools of all kinds
Power tools of all kinds
Gardening tools
Electric Lawn mower
Electric Edge trimmer
Electric Hedger
Electric Leaf blower/vac
Wheel barrow
Ladders – step and extension
Pressure washer / Gerni
Removalist and flatbed trolley
LED work lights
Tile cutter
Floor sanders
Laser level
Painting equipment
Folding saw horses
Battery charger
Multi meter
Wet/dry vacuum

Projector and screen
Portable PA system
LED party lights
Disco ball

Camping gear
Gazebo / marquee – folding
Camp beds
Camp kitchen
Folding chairs
Icebox / esky
Folding tables
Camp fridge
Solar panels
Hiking rucksack
Self inflating mat

Sporting goods
Cricket set
Body board
Kayaks and canoes
Snorkelling set
Bicycle cargo trailer
Car bicycle rack
Bicycle repair stand

Sewing machine
Dress maker mannequin

Djembe drums

Kitchen accessories
Food dehydrator
Pasta maker
Yoghurt/ice-cream maker
Fairy floss maker
Popcorn maker
Vacuum sealer
Chocolate fountain
Party catering sets, zero waste

Yard games
Giant Jenga, Connect 4

Croquet set
Quoits or horse shoes
Childs play tent
Bubble machine

Waterproof action camera

Massage table – folding
Pet carriers
Artist easel
Pottery wheel

Items we can’t accept:

  • High risk tools like chain saws. Bicycles with a chain and baby equipment come with some legal hurdles so we can not accept these at this stage.
  • Petrol mowers, whipper snippers, blowers or similar garden tools. We love the battery powered electric versions though.
  • Common electrical appliances like kettles, TVs, toasters etc. We will gladly accept those occasionally used items like food dehydrators, vacuum sealers, chocolate fountains, ice-cream or fairy floss makers. If in doubt get in touch and let’s talk.
  • Board games, children’s toys, jigsaws.
  • Any item in poor condition, broken, or otherwise inoperable and unsafe. Is it in good enough condition to lend to your Boss or Mum? If so then it usually passes the test to donate.

Where to take gear we can’t accept.

If we can’t accept your donation there are still better options than sending it to landfill:

  • Donate or Swap with one of the many online communities, pay it forward sites on Facebook or a local charity.
  • Sell it online with Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or Ebay.
  • Get it fixed at one of our Repair Cafes! If you have equipment that’s broken, consider bringing it to one of GCTL’s Repair Cafes where we help people mend and repair.

Do you have some tools that would be useful for our library? Tell us about your donation here: